Because your well-being is our work engine

we create your new tailor-made destination.

What is Cicer?

Cicer was born out of the need to offer mobility and destination solutions to professionals, companies and individuals who, for work reasons, move to our Community to reside temporarily or permanently.

The concept of labor mobility involves several aspects that are not simply a change workplace, but the transfer of one’s personal life to another city, or even another country.

Changes in work models and an increase in the number of people displaced by work, means that ensuring an effective, calm and pleasant transition are determining factors for a professional to decide whether or not to make a change for their future.

It is at this point where the facilities and personalized attention in each case become determinants. The work volume of work in a company’s different departments oftentimes makes it difficult to offer this kind of service.

Generating interest in the new destination, offering closeness and warmth and paying constant and permanent attention are three key values that establish a professional and humane image for each company.

This has a positive effect on both employee productivity and lightening the workload in different departments such as Human Resources or Management Secretariats.

Cicer Relocation Services It is the first agency in Navarra that guarantees an organized, personalized relocation with permanent assistance to the professional and the company.

From a dedication to its fundamental idea, expansive knowledge of the surroundings and a desire to provide responsible and friendly service, Cicer was born.


Relocation Services

Your new city, your new home. We take care of locating the environment, the housing and the necessary services for...


Administrative procedures

We are aware of how stressful administrative procedures are. We manage all paperwork and accompany you in all your administrative...


Sociocultural immersion

Your well-being is our work engine. Because each city, is there to live it. Discover your new destination through leisure...

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We facilitate an integral management for the transfer of your employees. Offering a positive image of the new destination and improving the quality of life are two essential elements to attract the best professionals.

We relieve internal departments of this task, to manage it individually by each specific case.

This improves the company-employee relationship. It generates tranquility and confidence and has a positive impact on the productivity of both parties.

With the responsibility and confidentiality of our services, we guarantee companies a total peace of mind to manage the mobility of their employees.

. Multinationals

. Academic Institutions and Professional Colleges

. Sport clubs

. Film productions

. Congresses and events

In the case of attention to individuals, we cover all the needs of both professionals and their spouses and families with the change they face. We provide completely personalized attention for a pleasant and full integration. From the basics (home, school, etc …) to leisure, we assure that the client quickly feels at home in their new destination.



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